Energy Geostructures. Innovation In Underground Engineering

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Energy geostructures are a tremendous innovation in the field of foundation engineering and are spreading rapidly throughout the world












A Case Study The Dock Midfield of Zurich Airport, Daniel Pahud

About the Authors Lyesse Laloui is Chair Professor, Head of the Soil Mechanics, Geoengineering and CO2 storage Laboratory and Director of Civil Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland

After an introduction to the technology as well as to the main effects induced by temperature variation on the geostructures, Part 1 is devoted to the physical modeling of energy geostructures, including in situ investigations, centrifuge testing and small-scale experiments

Alice Di Donna is a researcher at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Allen Bowers

Alternative Uses of Heat-Exchanger Geostructures, Fabrice Dupray, Thomas Mimouni and Lyesse Laloui

Behavior of Heat-Exchanger Piles from Physical Modeling, Anh Minh Tang, Jean-Michel Pereira, Ghazi Hassen and Neda Yavari

Centrifuge Modeling of Energy Foundations, John S

Coccia , Nahed Alsherif and Melissa A

Contents Part 1

Delivery of Energy Geostructures, Peter Bourne-Webb with contributions from Tony Amis, Jean-Baptiste Bernard, Wolf Friedemann, Nico Von Der Hude, Norbert Pralle, Veli Matti Uotinen and Bernhard Widerin

Energy Geostructures in Cooling-Dominated Climates, Ghassan Anis Akrouch, Marcelo Sanchez and Jean-Louis Briaud

Energy Geostructures in Unsaturated Soils, John S

Engineering Practice 12

Full-scale In Situ Testing of Energy Piles, Thomas Mimouni and Lyesse Laloui

Ground-Source Bridge Deck De-icing Systems Using Energy Foundations, C

Guney Olgun and G

Impact of Transient Heat Diffusion of a Thermoactive Pile on the Surrounding Soil, Maria E

It details the procedures that are currently being applied in the regions where geostructures are being implemented


McCartney, Charles J.R

Numerical Analysis of the Bearing Capacity of Thermoactive Piles Under Cyclic Axial Loading, Maria E

Numerical Modeling of Energy Geostructures 6

Observed Response of Energy Geostructures, Peter Bourne-Webb

Part 2

Part 3

Physical Modeling of Energy Piles at Different Scales 1

Soil Response under Thermomechanical Conditions Imposed by Energy Geostructures, Alice Di Donna and Lyesse Laloui


Suryatriyastuti, Hussein Mroueh , S bastien Burlon and Julien Habert

Suryatriyastuti, Hussein Mroueh and S bastien Burlon

The book concludes with a real case study

The book is divided into three parts, each of which is divided into chapters, and is written by the brightest engineers and researchers in the field

The final part concerns practical engineering aspects, from the delivery of energy geostructures through the development of design tools for their geotechnical dimensioning

The objective of this book is to supply the reader with an exhaustive overview on the most up-to-date and available knowledge of these structures

The second part includes numerical simulation results of energy piles, tunnels and bridge foundations, while also considering the implementation of such structures in different climatic areas

Thermo-Pile A Numerical Tool for the Design of Energy Piles, Thomas Mimouni and Lyesse Laloui

They allow the procurement of a renewable and clean source of energy which can be used for heating and cooling buildings

This book provides a sound basis in the challenging area of energy geostructures

This technology couples the structural role of geostructures with the energy supply, using the principle of shallow geothermal energy

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