Beyond All Evil: Two Monsters, Two Mothers, A Love That Will Last Forever

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June Thomson and Giselle Ross are inextricably linked by two unspeakable acts of evil

Both mothers believed it was important to allow the fathers access to their children

But June and Giselle have one solitary comfort they are no longer alone

But they were wrong, so terribly wrong.Nothing can bring their children back

Giselle s relationship with Ashok Kalyanjee had been a strange and distant affair, of lives spent apart before, during and after marriage.But both relationships had produced two beautiful children, and the women believed that their misery was in the past

It is not a story for the faint hearted, but it is a story that must be told, for in the end, it is a testament to the human spirit.

On that fateful Saturday in May 2008, neither could have conceived that the men they had once loved would do anything to harm their children

On the same day, a few miles apart, their estranged husbands slaughtered their children

The murders were not driven by rage, or committed in moments of madness

Their lives may have been torn apart, but they have each other

They were planned, and carried out with chilling precision, to inflict the worst pain imaginable.June and Giselle did not know each other

Together, they are stronger.This is the story of their parallel journeys of the dreadful days before, during, and after the murders of their children

Told in their own words, with searing honesty of their pain, and guilt, it is a story of endurance, friendship, and survival against the odds

Tragedy is all that binds them they were destined to come together as sisters , united by pain, grief and a sense of loss so immense that it would drive both to the brink of madness.June s life with Rab Thomson had been a dark and turbulent existence, characterised by mental torture, physical violence and rape

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